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I offer lessons on to students of all ages and levels on Accordion, Piano, Guitar and even Mandolin! Theory lessons, Improvisation, Beginner to Advanced, Young children to Adults. 

Everyone's musical journey is different, and my lessons are guided by the pace of the student to help them reach their musical goals!


So I can help you with:

  • Accordion, piano, guitar and mandolin.

  • Jazz and Improvisation

  • Music Theory

  • Playing your favourite Rock and Pop

  • Learning traditional music 

  • the Music of the Great Composers

Lessons for Young Beginners

I aim to create a friendly and positive environment in my teaching spaces, where my students can both learn and have fun. 

Together we explore all facets of our instrument such as aural skills, reading music, improvising, expression and much much more. 

I also encourage parents to become involved in their children's early stages of learning, helping develop a practice routine or learning a few things themselves can help build a positive environment for learning an instrument.

Balkan and Klezmer Workshops and Lessons

I have spent extensive time travelling around Eastern Europe learning from some of the greats of the region. The music of Klezmer and of countries such as Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey have greatly influenced my music journey having studied under greats such as including Dimos Vougiakos (Greece) and Marius Manole ('Taraf De Haidouks'). 

I am very passionate about passing on this knowledge to all musicians who are interested in the music. I encourage you to get in touch regardless of instrument and skill level, as I will be willing to pass on knowledge.


Keep tabs for the new year as I will be running small workshops in Bristol...


Thanks! Message sent.


Get in Touch!

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