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Tuesday for a Mermaid (2019)

Tuesday for a Mermaid is a animated short directed by Bristol director/animator PJ WOOD. Music written and recorded by Thomas Hodson

   Over the past 7 years I have collaborated on several projects for stage and screen, composition has always been a strong passion of mine and continues to be. During University I discovered composers like Ennio Morricone and Howard Shore, my major was eventually to be composition  at the 'Unviersity of Western Sydney' (WSU)

   Since then I have developed my personal style that draws heavily from a broad range of influences. The piano music of the late-Romantics, minimalists like Steve Reich, Screen composers like Thomas Newman and drawing from folk traditionals like Tigran Hamasayan.


Ljubičica: Wild Violet

  Winner - Sydney Fringe Festival, 2015
                           - Best Music

"...adds a sophistication and polish to the stage"
                         - Suzy Wrong, Sydney Theatre Reviews


Minotaur is an independent film written, directed and filmed SInan Cevik, with soundtrack by Thomas Hodson. Incorporating influences from Clint Mansell, Thomas Newman and Industrial music.

Minotaur won the Merit Award at the Accolade Film Festival and the Best Audience Choice Award at the Shockerfest Film Festival. Minotaur was aired on public television in California on November 9th and 19th 2012.

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